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FAQ in general

  • My roof is leaking, will I need a new one or can you repair my existing?
    There is no short answer to this; this is dependent on a number of factors. It is important to get the leak looked at straight away as water damage may cause further, costly problems with damp affecting the woodwork and ceilings below. Often a simple repair will fix the problem
  • How much will it cost?
    Just call or email us and we will arrange for an inspection and will send you a written quotation
  • Do I have to pay for a quotation?
    No we will inspect your roof and provide an estimate free of charge.
  • Will I have to take time off work if we go ahead with the quotation?
    No, as long as we can gain access to the roof, we have our own source of power so we can carry out the job without disruption to you. 
  • How long will it take?
    This is dependent on the type & size of roof. Before we start any work, we will be able to give you an idea of how long the job will take to complete.
  • Will I need a scaffold?
    This is also dependent on the type of roof you are having. If you are having a new pitched roof, the answer is yes. Generally you can gain access to a single story flat roof via a ladder of alley tower.
  • I have more questions…
    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions as all, one of our friendly team is always happy to help.
  • I want a new tiled roof, are they expensive?
    No. During the last few years the installed cost of a tiled roof has not increased. As a rule of thumb concrete tiles cost much less than slate and clay roof tiles cost slightly more than concrete.
  • What are the benefits of a tiled roof?
    Both clay and concrete tiled roofs last longer than any other roofing material. Most manufacturers will offer warranty of 50 years. They are incredibly durable and they withstand some severe weather conditions. Clay and concrete roof tiles improve the look of any building and increase the value of any building.
  • How long do tiled roofs really last?
    We don’t really know! But when installed by rexhill roofing, a tiled roof will generally last as long as the building it is protecting.
  • Why choose a tiled roof?
    In a word, Appearance! There are a variety of styles and colours and a large variety of finishes. With so much to choose from, you can achieve any architectural style.
  • Is a tiled roof cost effective?
    Yes, with superior aesthetics, durability and longevity, a tiled roof is a cost effective alternative to other roofing products. A tiled roof is one of the best options available today.
  • What is the benefit of a felt roof as an alternative to others?
    Felt is typically cheaper than other systems. It can also be laid on many sub straights and has long life span.
  • How long will my felt roof last?
    This will depend on the system you use. At Rexhill Roofing, we offer a ten, fifteen & twenty year guarantee on our felt systems although our roofs have lasted long after the guarantee have ran out.
  • Do I have to maintain my felt roof on an annual basis?
    No, however we would advise any guttering or outlets are to be cleared of leaves or debris to ensure effective water drainage.  It is also advisable to have minimal foot traffic (especially in summer months as felt will be soft under foot).
  • What colour will my felt roof be?
    Rexhill Roofing offers a choice of 3 colours. Most commonly used is charcoal grey but you can also have green or brown.
  • Can I walk on my felt roof?
    A felt roof is not designed for foot traffic, a harder wearing roof would be advisable if foot traffic was expected.
  • What is the benefit of a fibreglass roof as an alternative to others?
    Fibreglass is cold applied (no use of heat) and it has a very long life span.
  • What surface can fibreglass be applied to?
    A flat, dry solid surface, typically wood but concrete is also ok if it’s dry and has a fine finish.
  • Can fibreglass be applied over the top of old felt roof?
    The short answer is no.
  • What colour is the fibreglass?
    Typically grey but it comes in many different colours to suit your needs.
  • Will sitting water damage fibreglass?
    Absolutely not, fibreglass is water proof and not just water resistant. It is used in marine environments for this reason.
  • No the roof itself must be completely dry.
  • How long will it take for the fibreglass to dry? What if it rains later that day?
    On an average summer day, the resin will be dry and resistant within an hour. Checking weather forecasts is a must for this reason.
  • Can I walk on my fibreglass roof?
    Yes you can, but please note that they can be extremely slippery when wet. A double-layered application would be more suitable if you expect foot traffic to be high. We can also apply anti-slip as an optional extra.
  • Can you repair a damaged fibreglass roof?
    Yes, it is easily and effectively repaired.
  • How long does natural slate roofing last?
    Natural Slate roofs are known to last upward of one hundred years before needing replacement. The longevity makes slate roofing a great option for people not planning on selling their home and moving elsewhere.
  • How much maintenance does natural slate roofing require?
    Natural Slate roofing is waterproof and resistant to practically all types of weathering. Because of its durability it almost never requires maintenance work or repairs, making it a practical and reliable home roofing solution.
  • Is it expensive?
    It is more costly than other roofing alternatives but once installed properly, it will be unlikely to need repairing or replacement in your lifetime. Slating also greatly increases the value of a house.
  • Is it safe to walk on?
    Natural Slate roofing can be very slippery when wet so it is not advisable to walk on. It also can break under the weight of a human so if for some reason you need to walk on your slate roof, I would contact your roof installer to find out if and how it is safe to do so.
  • Is slate roofing environmentally friendly?
    Yes,  Natural Slate is made from completely natural materials. The fact that slate only needs to be changed once every century means that little materials are thrown out or wasted.
  • How long has kemper been established?
    Kemperol liquid roofing has been used in UK since 1980 
  • How long will Kemper last?
    Kemperol has proven longevity. Its life expectancy is given as a minimum of 25 years, however in practice its reliability and performance means 30 years and beyond can be comfortably expected.
  • What are the added benefits of kemperol?
    Kemperol cold liquid waterproofing will typically save time compared to other alternatives, which in turn should be reflective in costs. Aside from cost, this speedier completion would mean less disruption. One of further advantages is “fit and forget” ethos that is associated with this product.
  • What is cold applied liquid waterproofing?
    This method avoids the use of heat or flames and instead uses specialist cold liquid resins to impregnate a fleece-based substrate, which then cures to provide a waterproof membrane.
  • What are the benefits of cold applied?
    There are no fire risks. As Kemperol systems are all vapour permeable this allows the building to breathe whilst the solvent free options enables work to be carried out without the need for evacuation.
  • Yes. There is no need to remove existing asbestos roof, it is simply cleaned and primed prior to sealing with kemperol system.
  • Can Kemperol be used on lead roofs?
    Kemper is an ideal substitute for lead as a repair material. Its far cheaper to install and will bond to the existing lead roof without the need for removal.
  • Can you offer non-slip coatings?
    Yes. We offer non-slip and skid resistant options. These are available in a selection of colours, textures and finishes.